1. Levinurion Levinurion:
  2. Levinurion Levinurion:
    i don't think detox types like that
  3. Detox Detox:
    i wud never say such a thing
  4. Detox Detox:
    HA! my set up is too nice
  5. Ezekill Ezekill:
    sure u did, i quoted it
  6. Detox Detox:
    never said that.
  7. Ezekill Ezekill:
    Detox said:
    I bet Ezekill's screen is bigger than mine
  8. Ezekill Ezekill:
  9. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    You don't and you won't have the right to think what she do or not
  10. Detox Detox:
  11. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    God damn*
  12. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    Either you stop talking shit or you just gonna be a kid behind a fucking screen?
  13. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    @Craig Jones ur crossing ur good damn line
  14. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    You too babe.
  15. Ezekill Ezekill:
    ok thx now i can start my day , have a wonderful day sam
  16. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    I didn't forget. Hi Ezekill :D
  17. Ezekill Ezekill:
  18. Ezekill Ezekill:
    still, u forgot
  19. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    I am calm as can be. But at some point it gets annoying when people have to come in shout box and start shit for no reason. Sorry sweetie you feel ur time is best spent talking shit on the internet,
  20. Ezekill Ezekill:
    calm down sam and say hello to me first
  21. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    @Craig Jones You don't know what I do.
  22. Ezekill Ezekill:
    speak english or i ban you for 3 days
  23. doGAm doGAm:
  24. doGAm doGAm:
    srbiJA is WH tho
  25. doGAm doGAm:
    server is poppin
  26. doGAm doGAm:
    admin here?
  27. Ezekill Ezekill:
    oh man that's all you got for you friend ezekill. hmm
  28. Levinurion Levinurion:
    eze u see my left nut? suck it
  29. Ezekill Ezekill:
    y'all noob
  30. W wings:
    Always knife cock he's too high to aim
  31. lenna lenna:
    hmm mean is fake right?
  32. W wings:
    I like it when ppl are imposing rules and power, yeah white ppl ftw !!!
  33. W wings:
    Oh thanks' you hoodini
  34. HoODini HoODini:
    someone uses he's name
  35. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    As parasol claims he was an imposter.
  36. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    Imposter probably
  37. lenna lenna:
    or he is not parasol?
  38. lenna lenna:
  39. lenna lenna:
    btw who did parasol banned in the server?
  40. W wings:
    Thanks sanji, now i remember dat unnecessary info
  41. T thruman:
    this place is wild
  42. S Sanji'sUncle:
    daily reminder zixler has small pp
  43. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    deined Admin jailbreak :cry::cry: you @Yolo say ban :mad:
  44. FrozeN FrozeN:
    U gays
  45. Levinurion Levinurion:
  46. Crazy Crazy:
    You're an admin in zp and a mod in jb
  47. Cockgobbler Cockgobbler:
  48. IceGirl IceGirl:
    This will be the stupidest thing I can ask.... but why do i have yellow and blue tags😂
  49. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    @Levinurion i like cookies but im busy on dd2
  50. Levinurion Levinurion:
    @Pandabearkiller come to the dark side, we got cookies

Community rules update

In light of recent events, which may include some foreskin images or not, the community rules have been updated with the addition of a 6th rule which you can see here:


Papa bless.

Why is the server down?

Lord. Death.
The server currently is under DDOS attack, There will be announce once the server is back on.

LGK Rebel Contest

Rebel Contest!

I'm happy to announce our first Rebel Contest since the merge with LGK. This event will take place on
Saturday, February 23rd 8:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M EST.


- The map will be jb_snow map time will be set to 60 minutes.
- Shop will be disabled.
- Gang Perks will be disabled.
- CTs will be required to use the map, but will be allowed one cage activity to thin the Ts out.
- If a terrorist is freekilled they will be quick revived and not given a freeday.
- There will be no first day freeday.
- No special days.
- Ghosting will result in a one hour ban.


- Cage Activity Kill [ 1 Point...
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